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Qualitando for Hair & Beauty

Whether you are a beautician or a hairdresser, you know the importance of good word of mouth among the public.

That word of mouth that to satisfy everyone you should also be open on Mondays. Qualiando helps all beauty professionals to establish a valuable relationship of trust with potential customers to make them become real regulars.

The trick? A transparent and constant communication, a direct and studied dialogue and the incentive to leave enthusiastic reviews on the web.

Web App
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Reason Mobile first! Web App Qualitando make even more agile and intuitive the dialogue rende ancora più agile e intuitivo il dialogo with whom relies on you and you don’t need to download it!

Smart is even nicer
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Give voice to whom already chooses you

With Qualitando Certificate on the home page you can show the ratings and comments of those who have already entrusted themselves to you and were satisfied with it.

Certification 1/6
Pamper: before, during and after

Make your customers’ experience immediately enjoyable, provide them with useful and clear information on the service they are about to enjoy. Make them comfortable. Keep making them feel good.

Automation mail 2/6
The Beauty of transparency

Thanks to the wi-fi login, you collect the contact details of your customers and establish an effective and consistent exchange of information.

Hotspot Wi-Fi 3/6
Quality in every moment

By asking the right questions, you perceive customer satisfaction, prevent negative reviews and thanks to specific warning signs you can recover even the most difficult situations in time.

Post-experience 4/6
Make others speak nicely about you

Invite your guests to share a review on your portals without losing their enthusiasm. Many will read it and it is the best advertisement.

Reviews 5/6
Keep chatting

Carry on the special bond with your customer by sending them profiled and interesting messages. Take care of him even from a distance. They won’t waiting to be back.

Newsletter 6/6
Stay on track
We write each article for you.
Qualitando team of experts is always up to date on the latest marketing and reputation news.
Read the insights and find an answer to all your questions.
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