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Make the quality of your services resonate with constancy

Qualitando for companies

Ensuring a good corporate reputation means above all ensuring that you make every single customer happy and letting them advise you to all other potential users.

Qualitando is by your side to monitor the satisfaction perceived by the people who interface with your business, at every stage of their experience.

From the first cognitive phase to the final result, Qualitando helps you as an entrepreneur to establish a useful dialogue with your customer in a mutual trust agreement, and defeating the influence of competitors. Thanks to Qualitando method, it becomes easier to up-sell and cross-sell your services and increase the positive perception of your work.

for companies
Trust calls trust

By adding Qualitando Certificate on your home page you show the ratings and comments of who has already relied on you and was satisfied.

Certification 1/6
Set a profiled communication

With a series of automatic messages, you simplify and amplify your customer’s experience, provide them with useful and clear information on what awaits them at each stage of their journey. Maintain contact.

Automation mail 2/6
Create a solid relationship

Through the log-it to the wi-fi you collect data contacts of your audience for an effective and coherent exchange of information.

Hotspot Wi-Fi 3/6
Never lose sight of quality

Asking the right questions, you perceive the satisfaction of your client, prevent negative reviews and promptly intervene in case of risks.

Post-experience 4/6
Become the most recommended

Invest in satisfaction and invite the clients to share a quality review on your portals.

Reviews 5/6
Maintain contact

Keep the relationship with you clients sending profiled interesting messages. Create new needs without risking to end up in the spam box. You’ll be the first to think about in case of need

Newsletter 6/6
Stay on track
We write each article for you.
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