The word of mouth
you always wanted

Your guests, make them fall in love

Qualitando for hotels

Plenty of your guests come to your hotel after going through dozens and dozens of online reviews or after a friend has strongly advised them to come to you.
This is word of mouth prodigious power, a very simple action that can fill or empty your rooms in a second. Qualitando helps you to cover all the potential of word of mouth allowing you to establish constant contact with whom stays in your hotel. Create an expectation, keep every promise, guarantee a dream experience and that is it.
In no time you have excellent reviews on all portals.

The right communication at the right moment, this is the method studied and put into practice by Qualitando to maximize the revenues of your hotel and increase the cross-selling and up-selling of your services.

Web App
for hotels

No need to download it and it doesn’t use any memory of the device. Qualitando Web App makes even easier the communication and the relationship with your guest.

Make everything even smarter
for hotels
Ask you audience

Capture the wish of each of your potential guests, anticipate their needs and establish an ever more transparent and engaging communication.

Website surveys 1/8
Create a pact of trust

By adding Qualitando Certificate in home page you show with reliability ratings and the comments of whom has already been your guest.

Certification 2/8
Always by the side of your guest

Simplify their stay immediately, even before their arrival, give them useful information, let them feel welcome. Pamper the also once they have left.

Automation mail 3/8
Start a lovely conversation

Collect your guests’ contact data through the access to your wi-fi. Communicate in a direct way everything useful to know for their stay.

Hotspot Wi-Fi 4/8
Ask tre right questions

Perceive the satisfaction, prevent negative reviews, and promptly intervene in case of risks.

Post-stay 5/8
Transform smiles into good reputation

Invite your guest to share a quality review on your portals. In a fluid and intuitive way.

Reviews 6/8
Keep in touch

Keep letting your guests feel special, share with them profiled offers. Wish them Happy Birthday and tell them that you miss them. They will read each newsletter with care!

Newsletter 7/8
Digitalize the menu

Let your guests choose the dishes of the next day directly from their smartphone.

Digital Menu 8/8
Stay on track
We write each article for you.
Qualitando team of experts is always up to date on the latest marketing and reputation news.
Read the insights and find an answer to all your questions.
Upselling and Crosselling
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