Good reputation and Bon appetite!
Qualitando per migliorare la reputazione dei ristoranti

Set the table for everyone with a smile

Qualitando per restaurants

Catering in the days of TripAdvisor becomes easier when you have an excellent reputation preceding you.

Qualitando is the precious ally that helps you manage what people say about your restaurant online and offline. Qualitando is the digital maître who makes your guests sit at the table even before they arrive in the dining hall. It is the invisible chef who gives them a foretaste of the menu and guarantees them such an excellent taste experience that they’ll want to share it with friends as soon as possible and on the web.

Web App
for restaurants

No need to download it and it doesn’t use any memory of the device. Qualitando Web App makes even easier the communication and the relationship with your guest.

Web app, pagina del ristorante
Make communication even tastier
for restaurants
Adapt your kitchen to trends

Get to know the wishes of each of your potential customers, anticipate their needs and tell everyone what to expect from your restaurant. Starting from your online communication.

Website surveys 1/7
The recipe of trust

By adding Qualitando Certificate in home page you show with reliability ratings and the comments of whom already sat at your table.

Certification 2/7
The perfect table setting

Use automatic and profiled messages to simplify your customers’ experience, give directions on parking, introduce your staff, let them taste your specialties. And then, invite them to come back!

Automation mail 3/7
At the table with your guest

Collect your contact details via wi-fi access and amplify their journey of flavours, before and after their experience at your restaurant.

Hotspot Wi-Fi 4/7
Ask the right questions

Perceive the satisfaction, prevent negative reviews, and promptly intervene in case of risks.

Post-experience 5/7
Transform the smile in good reputation

Invite your guest to share a review on your reference portals such as Google and TripAdvisor.

Reviews 6/7
The right greeting? See you again!

Keep letting your guests feel special even after you leave the restaurant. Pamper them and create new meeting opportunities. They will be back soon!

Newsletter 7/7
Stay on track
We write each article for you.
Qualitando team of experts is always up to date on the latest marketing and reputation news.
Read the insights and find an answer to all your questions.
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