Care. Effectiveness. Relationship.
Automation Mail for companies

Set a profiled communication

Anticipate their needs online

Reassure, inform, start your conversation with a useful and profiled message for each of your audiences.

Listen to the most frequently asked questions and then offer targeted answers thanks to Qualitando automatic sending system.

The automatic messages differ according to the clientele, very easy to profile thanks to Qualitando Wi-Fi Hotspot system, which in a few intuitive steps collects, updates, and divides your contacts database in an orderly manner.


Simplify each procedure

Provide your clients with useful information to better enjoy  your services.

From something so simple such as where to park before you meet, to the most specific technicalities to prepare them to their experience. Treat each relationship with the utmost care, and people will arrive already with a smile. Use Qualitando automatic emails to give information on the range of products you offer and suggest to each client the perfect upsell.

Benefits for you
Profiled Email templates :
to each the information they are interested in.
Multilingual Translation:
zero barrier to increase the readiness.
Talk about your strengths
and amplify the perception of what you offer.
Give answers before the questions,
it will be like reading the mind of your clients.
Maintain a professional relationship
even at the end of the experience

Qualitando Automation Email allows you to carry on the relationship with all your customers in a personal and profiled way.

Thanks to the messages set in advance, you never forget to wish a Happy Birthday and continue to propose in a targeted manner the offers that most interest each of your targets.

Each automatic email always lands on the perfect web page – with  matching logo and colours of your corporate image – to  offer all the corollary information you need for your communication.

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