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Pamper: before, during and after

Before and after the experience

What do your customers want to know before booking an appointment? On what subjects do they ask for reassurance? Qualitando Automation Email system allows you to send specific messages for each of your targets, helping your customers to better enjoy the experience in your salon.

Thanks to the perfect integration with the Wi-Fi Hotspot Qualitando, each message is sent to the right audience segment, fueling interest in the services you offer.


Explain everything in detail

Whether it’s the parking lot, the location or technical information to prepare your customers for what awaits them … communicate everything with care and with the perfect tone of voice. You will anticipate every question.

Invite them with a message to spanning all your services. Did they ask you to have a haircut? Show them how good you are at the keratin treatment o at the nourishing masks. Coming to you for a wax? Tell him about the benefits of your new draining massage!

Qualitando Automation Email helps you in cross-selling your products to the right audience.


Benefits for you
Profiled templates:
Just interesting information for each client.
Speak the language of your guests:
Send clear messages easy to read for everyone.
Make their arrival to your salon easier:
tell them what to expect, also the upsells.
Storytelling of your products and services:
amplify their wellness experience.
Let them feel special
Even once they already left your salon

Qualitando automation Email allows you maintaining the relationship with whom has already experienced you services. Keep talking with your clients, thanks to automatic profiled mailings that increase the perception of what you offer.

Tell them about the products you use, send them a Happy Birthday message and encourage them to come back to your salon with a special discount coupon. They no longer be able to do without you.

Through the integration of automatic messages and Web App, the storytelling of your salon always finds the perfect in-depth web page.

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