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Automation mail per gli hotel
Automation Mail for Hotels

Always by the side of your guest

From pre-stay to post-stay

Qualitando helps you to configure the automatic sending of a confirmation message for your guests at the time of booking a few days before their arrival at the hotel.  A precious opportunity to make them feel expected and welcome even before meeting them in person. The perfect time to make them feel on holidays, starting from their journey.

Anticipate and solve their needs, introduce to them your staff before they get to know them live. Give them information about the route and parking, offer them the possibility to check-in online. Invite them to be back once again after their holidays is over.

All automated messages land on the perfect landing page thanks to the integration with Qualitando Web App portals.


Talking to your guest has never been that easy

Qualitando welcome message becomes the perfect occasion to offer all the information which your guest is wondering about before reaching your hotel.

The profiled messages during their stay allow you to monitor their perception of their holidays.

Finally, the post-departure message helps you maintaining the relationship and to suggest them a friendly reminder to leave their review on your portals.

Benefits for you
Profiled templates:
just interesting information for each audience.
Promptly manage complaints with a
kind message after a negative questionnaire.
Tell them what they will find
and the upsells to enrich their stay.
Online check-in
to avoid waiting time at the reception.
From check-in before leaving their home to the incentive to come back
And the holidays last longer

By filling in the pre-check-in questionnaire in the Welcome email, your guests can provide you already from home with the info needed for their registration.

At their arrival in the hotel, you won’t have but verify the identity documents in a very few seconds. You avoid queues at the  bureau, and they put on their swimming suits and sling into the pool.

Don’t forget about them… Keep being there even after they’ve already left! Tell them that you miss them with an automatic message.

One more chance to impress them? A scheduled email for their birthday with a gift voucher to spend at your hotel. They will be back!

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Automation mail per hotel
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