Welcome your guest, even before opening the door
Automation Mail for restaurants

The perfect table setting

Before and after their experience

What do your guests ask you on the phone when booking their table? On what topics do they want to be reassured?

Thanks to the ability to configure automatic profiled mailings, Qualitando allows you to set up a series of messages that help your customer to have the perfect experience at your restaurant. Just like your chef’s timer, Qualitando is all about timing.

Stay in touch by sending your customers the right information at the right time.


Inform, putting yourself in their shoes

By sending a profiled message you can inform your customers about the most convenient parking in your area, you can tell them about the menu of the day or guarantee them maximum safety in terms of food intolerances.

Thanks to Qualitando Automation Mail, you anticipate their needs by providing them with all the answers they need in a single message.

Benefits for you
Profiled templates:
just interesting information for each segment.
Speak the language of your guest:
send clear messages easy to read for everyone.
Facilitate their arrival to the restaurant
and tell them what to expect.
Storytelling of your kitchen,
and they already foretaste each dish.
Leave a sweet memory of you
Even after they left the table

Qualitando Automation Mail allows you to keep the relation with your customers even once they already left the table.

Make them feel special and think of them on their birthday. You can send them a birthday wishes message with a small gift and invite them to come back to your restaurant. They will be delighted!

You can invite them to read the latest news on your kitchen by letting land each message on the perfect web page of Qualitando Web App.
Qualitando Automation Email system integrates with Qualitando Wi-fi Hotspot to collect and store all the contact details of your customers in an orderly manner.

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