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Certification & Guestbook for companies

Trust calls trust

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Qualitando creates the perfect window for the results of your Satisfaction Questionnaires. The Widgets of Quality Certification and Guestbook highlight the ratings the considerations of the clients who already expressed an opinion about your services.

Optimize your They say about us

Reliability, trust, satisfaction. With these fundamental values you capture the attention of whom happens to be on your website for the first time. Without appearing self-referential because it is always other people talking nicely about you.

Benefits for you
Amplify your audience,
reassure them with the comments of whom already knows you.
Not just figure scores,
written opinions accompany the results.
Certification? Guestbook? Both?
Set the widget that most suits you on the main page.
Talk to all your clients:
all contents are translated in other languages.
All contents are translated
GuestBook and Certification get automatically updated

Qualitando, thanks to its integrated system between Questionnaires and results, always updates in real time, freeing yourself from the burden of manual importing contents. It is you choosing which aspects of your business to show on your widget.

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