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On the home page of your website

A custom widget perfectly integrated with the results of your satisfaction Questionnaires. To show in addition to figures also the comments of those who are already happy with your services. These are Qualitando Quality Certificate and the Guestbook. Zero self-reference, only the power of social proof. Let others speak nicely of you!


Let your results speak for themselves

Scores with numerical percentage rating and textual comments from your most satisfied customers. In this way you show your successes with authority and inspire confidence in those who have not yet trusted you.

Benefits for you
Give voice to your more satisfied clients
and conquer an ever-growing audience.
The opinions of your regulars:
the written feedback together with the scores.
Figures? Words? Choose what to show.
Find the widget that most suits your website.
Comments are also in other languages:
everyone can read your feedback.
Filter the comments you want to show
Your GuestBook updates in real time

Forget the manual import of contents. Qualitando integrated system instantly updates the Quality Certification and the Guestbook based on the latest feedback received. And your Home Page is always  i al updated!

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