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Certificazione per hotel
Certification & Guestbook for Hotels

Create a pact of trust

Let who already chose you speak

Thanks to an integrated system drawing the results of your Quality Questionnaires, Qualitando Certification shows off your highest scores with a banner directly on the front page of your website.

The Spa? Great! The Restaurant? Fab! Let the scores left by enthusiastic guests speak about your hotel and services.


A guest leaving positive, happy feedback about you is much worth than any adverts

Qualitando Certification allows you to share – in real-time and updated – the best comments and the highest scores left by your guests.

Benefits for you
Build trust, reassure your audience
with the words of who has already been there.
Give room to words:
the written comments are displayed with the given scores.
Set the proper widget for your page:
quality certificate? Guestbook? You choose.
Comments are visible also in different languages,
everyone can view all feedbacks.
The Guestbook updates automatically
Real time online comments

You choose to show either all, or to filter or not, the comments that your guests left after having filled in the post-stay questionnaire.

The quality certificate widget on your website is always renewed with updated feedback.

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Certificazione e Guest Book per hotel
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