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Certification & Guestbook for restaurants

The recipe of trust

To impress who yet is not

The enthusiastic words of your customers deserve visibility! Qualitando Thanks to a widget that integrates with the results of your satisfaction Questionnaires, Qualitando shows the scores you have obtained directly on the first page of your site.


And then comes the figures

The Quality Certification highlights the numerical scores of your results while the Guestbook feature allows you to share in real time and updated the best comments and the best scores already given by your guests.

Benefits for you
Inspire trust and reliability,
thanks to the opinion of your trusted guests.
The comments of your loyal guests.
Written feedbacks and scores together.
Choose the widget that best suits you Quality:
certificate? Guestbook? Both?
The comments are visible also in other languages:
everybody can read the feedback.
Everything is updated in real time
It is you filtering in real time

Qualitando instantly updates the Quality Certification and the Guestbook based on the latest feedback received.

You don’t need to import any type of review or content, just choose which results to share on the home page.

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