Digitalize the next day menu
Digital Menu for Hotels

Digitalize the menu

And say goodbye to scattered paper sheets on the table

Definitely more hygienic, and much more eco-friendly.

Thanks to Qualitando integrations system, the pre-order menu with the dishes of the next day becomes digital and is directly sent to the interested guests. Both, those who you have already in hotel and, those who have yet to arrive.


Save time, facilitate the service

Your guests read in advance the menu directly on their smartphone and you can finally forget the disposable menu left on the table. Zero wasted paper, zero germs, more convenience for everyone.

In addition to the tick for selecting their choice and the desired quantity, thanks to the text fields next to the dishes, each person can indicate their food allergies or intolerances.

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Benefits for you
More attention to the guests:
you are updated about intolerances or allergies.
More ordered information:
you collect all data already broken down by room.
Export data to Excel
and you facilitate the orders of the next day.
Let your guests choose the take-away option or the time slot
and you avoid gatherings in the restaurant.
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