Ask immediately: “How is it going?”
First impression Questionnaires for Hotels

Be close to your guest

Check immediately the satisfaction

The secret for a good reputation both online and offline is timing. Finding out immediately about the perception of those who have just arrived at your hotel is the wisest choice you can do to play your cards right.

Are you all about the ‘wow effect’ of rooms and suites? After a few hours of stay ask your guest to look around and if everything is in line with their wishes.


Intervene, solve the issue, impress

From a simple initial question, you have the chance to overturn the perception of your guest, intervening immediately in case of dissatisfaction.
Leave no room for doubt. Do not waste time.


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Benefits for you
Collect opinions upon arrival
and always communicate in a profiled way.
Multilingual automatic translations
to easily address everyone.
Integration with the major CRMs for Hotels
to have under control every situation.
Integration with the portals and social networks
to share your success everywhere.
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