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Your website is a  very powerful tool to communicate with your guests and to get in touch with whom reads you for the very first time. Qualitando offers you the possibility to add to your home page a link to the first impression survey available for all users.

In exchange for an incentive, you get valuable information useful to help you evolve in your way of communicating on the web, stimulate new direct bookings and get your newsletter subscription in just a few steps.


Everything you want to know

Qualitando Website Survey opens the very first channel of dialogue with the users who found you on the web.
Ask them the right questions and you will find a gold mine of information that primarily concerns your evolution and then, that which really interests those who orbit about your hotel.

Benefits for you
Enquiry about your design
and make your interface more and more captivating.
Incentive direct bookings,
reassure them on your best rate guaranteed.
Start profiling your guests:
an email address is required to complete the survey
Ask them their impression about usability of your website
and become like your guest want you to be!
Offer an incentive with a discount voucher
Many will respond to the survey

Whether it is a voucher to get the chance of a treatment in the spa, a reduction on their next stay or, a free drink at the reception bar… offering a gift is the perfect idea to encourage participation in the survey about your website.

Just a little gift to get a profiled database of information, very useful in welcoming your future guests in person, not just virtually. Just a little incentive to increase direct bookings from your online and beat the competition from the OTAs.

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