A network to make a network
Profilazione contatti per creare relazioni solide
Hotspot Wi-Fi for companies

Create a solid relationship

and segment your audience

What if we told you that the key to setting up perfect communication with your audience begins when your customer first connects to your company’s wi-fi?
Thanks to Qualitando Hotspot system, you can profile the email addresses already authorized, and create a precious database for all your future communications.


In an instant you have the contact of your customer

You offer them an excellent wi-fi connection to browse quickly and effectively while using (or waiting to use) your services. They authorize you to use their best email address. A fair and useful exchange on both sides.

The Wi-Fi Hotspot divides contact data in an orderly manner based on the preferences of your customers and offers the ideal database to set up your future communication between questionnaires, automatic messages, and newsletters.

Benefits for you
A portal for your client,
In line with your image.
Segments in target already from the log in,
with a few simple questions.
Mobile usability and clarity first
and reading any information from your mobile or tablet.
The Hotspot integrates with Questionnaires and messages,
and your reputation rises to the top.
A portal that summarizes everything
Here your customers land

Upon logging in, your customers lands on a web page perfectly matching with your image and your site. Here you can share with them, thanks to customizable boxes, the most useful contents to highlight. The beginning of your customer journey also passes from here: do not abandon them.

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Hotspot wi-fi e profilazione per aziende
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