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Hotspot Wi-Fi for beauty

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and profile your clients

Today, a good wi-fi connection is an essential service for any business, especially for the beauty and hairdressing sectors where customers often find themselves cheating a few minutes of waiting online.

Qualitando automatically collect the contacts of your customers at the time of log-in and organize them in lists segmented according to their interests. Your newsletters will benefit in terms of appeal!


Profiled contacts, authorized contacts

To access Qualitando Wi-fi Hotspot it is necessary to insert your data consent to registration in your contact database. In this way, with a few very short initial questions you have the possibility to divide your audience according to what they like most about your offer for an increasingly specific and stimulating communication.

Benefits for you
A new eye-catching graphics,
in line with your image.
You profile the users at their log-in
for a tidy and organized contact database.
Mobile interface first:
effective usability for smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
Integration with Hotspot, Questionnaires, and messages:
the first step to improve your reputation.
A very stylish portal for your client
Tailored as you like it

We know how important is for you a coherent and avant-gard image. For this reason, once subscribed to your wi-fi list, your customers land on a portal that respects and reflects your graphics and your colours.

A web page that you can update and customize with the content you most want to highlight.

The boxes can be added and removed as needed. Yes, also  the online newsstand with the latest news in events, fashion and gossip … to say bye bye to the printed magazines on the sofas in your salon.

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