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Hotspot wi-fi per hotel e portale
Hotspot Wi-Fi for Hotels

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Offer the best welcome

One thing is sure: offering a good Wi-Fi connection is a fundamental requirement for your accommodation facility. Qualitando allows you to set up a dialogue with your guests since they log in to your network, offering you at the same time the opportunity to easily collect and catalogue the email addresses and the authorized contact data of your guests.

Your Wi-Fi connection becomes the key to automatically create a profiled database, rich and full-bodied to set up the correct communication of email marketing.


Connection creating connections

With Qualitando your Wi-Fi network becomes a great marketing tool allowing you to follow your guest in every moment of their stay.

Benefits for you
Customize the look,
create a portal which reflects your image.
Divide the users when they access,
ask questions and get to know them better already from their log-in.
Effective usability, always
with smartphone, tablet, pc.
Direct integration
between Hotspot and Satisfaction Questionnaires.
The portal that improves the experience in hotel
Tailor-made for your guest

Just like any other page of Qualitando Web App, the welcome portal where your guests land when they accessed is totally customizable with your logo, your colours, and your photographs.

Here you add and cut sections and contents as you like: you introduce your services with style and offer insights about events and highlights of the area, news, and weather.

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Hotspot wi-fi per hotel
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