It will be like sharing the same table
Hotspot Wi-Fi for restaurants

At the table with your guest

Connect, communicate, profile

How many of your customers check their phone between a dish and the other?
Thanks to Qualitando the Wi-Fi connection of your restaurant becomes a powerful tool for automatic contact profiling and a means to amplify the online experience of whom tastes your cuisine. Not just before, but above all after their actual arrival in the dining hall.

The integration with the Qualitando Automation Mail and Newsletter functions makes future communication with your audience simpler and more profiled.


The connection to the internet is just the beginning

Thanks to Qualitando Wi-Fi Hotspot, customers who connect to your network leave their contact details. A very precious element to send them targeted messages and clever questionnaires. Up to stimulating them to leave a review.

Benefits for you
Your logo and your colours:
create a portal that reflext your image.
Segment the users on login:
ask questions and get to know them better already when they log-in.
Effective usability, always
with smartphone, tablet, pc.
Before the Hotspot, then Questionnaires and newsletter.
Quality review as a natural consequence.
The portal that improves the experience at the restaurant
Tailored for your customers

Create a matching image: the portal where your customer lands can be customized with your colors, your content, and your images. Here you add and remove boxes to your liking: present the menu, talk about the kitchen staff, show the raw materials that distinguish your dishes.

Each portal integrates with the other pages of Qualitando Web App, for hyper-connected communication that teases the palate of each of your audience segments in a targeted way.

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