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Say goodbye to mass emails

Keep the online conversation with your clients, take care of them with specific messages for the conditions and needs.  Qualitando newsletter system starts from in-depth knowledge of your contacts and creates tailor-made messages always on target with their interests.

Thanks to the integrations between Qualitando Newsletter and Wi-Fi Hotspot, you create a specific and engaging communication for each segment, completely eliminating spam and avoiding unpleasant unsubscribe processes from your contact lists.

Break down any bounce rates

Messages. When built with care, putting yourselves in the shoes of whom read them, they become highly performing and do not risk ending up in the junk mail folder. In addition, thanks to the Qualitando system, you have the possibility to use thematic pre-set templates to send personalized offers and wishes for holidays or anniversaries. Yes, also a Happy Birthday email for each of your users!

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Benefits for you
Impress with the right template (mobile friendly!)
and communicate with in your own style.
A contact list already divided per interests.
Storytelling for each of you your reference targets!
Newsletter (a relationship) of quality.
to each client their own message.
Zero Spam!
Privacy and deliverability first of all.
Experience all the benefits yourself
You will never go back
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We write each article for you.
Qualitando team of experts is always up to date on the latest marketing and reputation news.
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