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Thanks to Qualitando newsletter system you bring the conversation with you clients online you keep the  contact. Just profiled messages for specific segments really interested.
Whether your message is commercial or simply narrative, with Qualitando you increase the reading rate of your newsletter e the effictiveness of your communication.

Thanks to the contacts already profiled by your Qualitando Wi-fi Hotspot you set profiled messages and avoid the risk of spam e unsubscription.
Tell in effective way each aspect of your offer: from the beauty product of the month to the birthday wishes of your most loyal customers.


The must have newsletter for your business

Qualitando guarantees you the advantages of  a marketing email innovative software which helps you in the relationship with your clientele.  High-performance messages and wow effect able to transform also the more sporadic contact in real regulars.

Keep talking with your audience, continue to write and encourage them to be back for tailored treatments.

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Benefits for you
Innovative templates :
for newsletter that people like!
Profiled database,
storytelling for each segment of audience!
Quality contents and relationships:
Communicate according to the preferences of your contacts.
We protect Privacy and deliverability
e ogni messaggio arriva a destinazione!
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We write each article for you.
Qualitando team of experts is always up to date on the latest marketing and reputation news.
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