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Who said that the appeal of your food & beverage products should just stay within your restaurant?

Qualitando makes your customers’ experience more and more digital through an engaging storytelling of your reality. Virtual content created specifically for your contacts, sharing discounts and targeted promotions and direct contact with people who have already sat at your table, or who still dreams of doing so.

With Qualitando you strengthen the community of your restaurant, increase the awareness of your brand, and increase your turnover.


Show. Tell. Tempt.

With Qualitando you make use of all the advantages of email marketing for restaurants in a simple and intuitive way. Establish a personal and direct relation with your customers even when they have already finished their meal, propose interesting offers for each audience segment and increase the trust in your kitchen and in your staff.

Benefits for you
Custom newsletter templates
to engage the senses.
Profiled automatisms:
information, reassurance, ad hoc offers.
A quality dialogue:
first you get to know your audience then you stimulate them.
We protect privacy e deliverability:
just reliable messages and zero spam.
As many newsletter as there are dishes on your menu
Communicate according to your customers' tastes

A romantic dinner for Saint Valentine? A business lunch? Or a Friday aperitif with the girls?

Qualitando labels the contacts according to the last date on which they used your service, based on the type of event that brought them to your restaurant, or based on the language they speak.
Once you have segmented your audience, it is easier to address each one with the correct tone of voice, provide the most interesting information, propose the right upsells and renew the invitation for a new occasion.

Thanks to the perfect integration with the Web App, each Qualitando newsletter lands on the ideal landing page and offers in-depth information on target with your customer segment

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