Quality is made of questions
Post-experience questionnaires for hair and beauty

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ask if it was all good

Do you know that a simple question such as “Was everything all right?” maintains intact the relationship with your client and becomes a precious ally for the qualitative evolution of your work? Qualitando post-experience Questionnaires help the professionals of the Hair and Beauty sectors to build the trust of your own clients and to prevent negative reviews.


Targeted and clever Questionnaires

Qualitando Questionnaires to be automatically submitted to those who have relied on you, they allow you to collect satisfaction and face even the most delicate situations, obtaining positive reviews and decreasing the risk of negative comments on the portals.

Ask the right questions and improve your online reputation.

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Benefits for you
Updated statistics and scores
and you keep control on every situation.
Overturn the perception and hit the mark:
Immediately manage complaints.
High percentage of filling them in:
each aspect of the Questionnaires is finalized to this.
Integration with portals and social networks
and your reputation rises on Google and Facebook.
Experience all the benefits yourself
You will never go back
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