From satisfaction to review
Questionario intelligenti per rivelare la soddisfazione degli ospiti
Post-Experience Questionnaries for restaurants

Ask the right questions

Check the satisfaction of your clients

When the flavours of your cuisine have not yet faded from your customers memory, ask them how it went and listen carefully to their feedback.

Qualitando Post-Experience Questionnaires are a very useful indicator to understand where to improve and what you already excel at. And after asking the right questions … Stimulate action based on the result.


You will be churning out more quality reviews

To each one the right input. Qualitando asks customers who responded with completely positive scores to your satisfaction surveys, to immediately write a review on the portals thanks to the direct integration with partners such as TripAdvisor and Google.

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Benefits for you
Real time statistics and analysis
for constantly updated scores.
Manage any type of comments,
intervene and overturn the perception of your customers.
Improve your reputation
asking the right question.
Integration with portals and social networks
to scale up scores and increase likes.
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You will never go back
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