Satisfaction equals review
Post-stay Questionnaires for Hotels

Ask tre right questions

Check the satisfaction at the end of the stay

Improve your web reputation with Qualitando post-stay questionnaires. Check your guest opinions a few hours after their return home, when the memory of their holiday is still fresh.

Ask the right questions, profiled to the experience they really had in your hotel.

Are you already missing breakfast served by the pool? This is  perfect moment to ask them to leave a review. Your guest is not completely convinced? Find a way to let them forgive you and invite them to follow you on the social networks.


The more the smiley little faces, the higher ranked you are on the portals

Thanks to the direct integration of Qualitando Clever Questionnaires with TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck e the main social networks, the guest whom you just asked a review, lands immediately on the page of the portal to fill their feedback. Without downtown, without hesitation.

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Benefits for you
Real time statistics and analyses
for scores always updated.
Manage the complaints in real time,
answer and reverse the guest perception.
Integration with the major CRMs for Hotels
to keep each situation under control.
Integration with portals and social networks
to climb to the top of all the leader boards.
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You will never go back
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We write each article for you.
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