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Qualitando improves the online reputation of your company and of your brand thanks to an advanced system of satisfaction Questionnaires integrated in a fluid way to the review forms  on the main portals such as Google and Facebook.

Thanks to Qualitando’ system you immediately transform the satisfaction of your clients into good reputation.

And climb to the top of the leader boards

Perfect timings, quick actions: this is the secret not to miss not even an iota of enthusiasm of your audience. After having expressed a clearly favorable opinion on your services your clients are immediately invited to share a review on the portals.

Thanks to an integrated system with the major portals and social networks, to encourage them, Qualitando sends them a direct link to the fill in form.

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Set the request of the quick reviews
and increase your ranking.
Multilingual feedback
because success doesn’t make any distinctions.
Constantly monitor the feedback:
real time updated data.
Integration with portals and social networks
to scale up the rankings and increasing likes.
Experience all the benefits yourself
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We write each article for you.
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