Anticipate the wishes of whom seats at your table
Website survey for restaurants

Adapt your kitchen to trends

Optimize your way to communicate

Internet is a veritable jungle of information, and the internet user has an ever-lower threshold of attention. Qualitando offers you the opportunity to evolve your way of communicating on the web by adding a very short survey to the index of your site. In exchange for a small incentive, the users will be happy to answer your questions and suggest where to improve, they will be happy to reveal which dishes make them curious and what they would like to find new on the menu. Offer a reason why to book now through the Site Survey on your home page.


Start the conversation

Open a communication channel with whom come to your page for the first time. Profile your contacts at log-in and ask them questions that are useful for you. ‘Do you like the page design?’ ‘Is navigating on our website, ok?’.
Ask the right questions, you’ll get a database of information that really matters to those who orbit around your restaurant.

Benefits for you
Ask how they like your website design
and keep improving your interface.
Present yourself at your best
and never stop improving.
Collect already profiled contacts:
to fill in the survey registering is necessary.
Are you user-friendly? Ask directly!
And create an increasingly effective website.
Tease them with a gift
Many will respond to the survey

A discount on a wine? A dessert? A reduction on the menu? A special voucher for the next dinner?

Simply offer a real advantage to entice the users to participate in the survey on the home page on your website. A small gift in exchange for a very interesting collection of information or, even a direct booking from your website

Many restaurateurs already use Qualitando Website Surveys to probe the expectations of their public and expand their offer. Among the most popular questions: “We are broadening our culinary horizons: which ethnic flavours would you like to taste?”.

In this way you will know the desire of the people who approach your restaurant, and you will know whether to surprise them with new Lebanese, Afghan, Brazilian dishes…

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