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Move the storytelling of your business online: inform, build loyalty, present, and sell your products with the right means, at the right time.

Qualitando Web App is a large platform that collects numerous web pages, all responsive and designed to be accessible from any type of device.

Each page of the Web App can be reached via link or QR code and can be connected to the others.

Each page of the Web App is a mini portal that tells and shows your client an interesting side of your work and stimulates him to interact with you.


Marketing Portals of the Web App

Perfectly integrated with the other features of Qualitando Email Automation and Wi-fi Hotspot, the Web App offers the perfect landing page for each link of your online communication. Each page of your Web App is a specific Marketing Portal able to follow the wellness path of whom relies on you.

Benefits for you
Global information in a single solution:
extend the communication with the Web App.
To each phase its own Marketing Portal
and you accompany your client in their journey.
No need to download the App, it is web pages:
You don’t use memory on your device.
Selected and targeted contents
with the possibility to activate notifications
Marketing Portals preferred by hairdressers and beauticians
Portals for the customer well-being

First the look.
Each Marketing Portal reflects the colours of your website and is customizable with specific contents called card. From the cards with the link to you pages on the social networks and the invitation to activate the notifications on smartphone, to those for more specific insights and the sale of products.
All Marketing Portals can be linked together to inform in a precise a coordinated manner

The Marketing Portals most used by hairdresser and beauticians are:

  • Menu portal: with the catalogue of all the treatments and services your salon offers.
  • Event calendar portal: where you present special occasions that will be held in your salon.
  • Window portal: for the direct sale of your beauty products.
  • Seasonal theme portal: Do you offer exclusive promotions for Christmas? In Spring, do you sell product to get skin and hair ready to sun-bathing? Tell every information here.
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