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Qualitando Web App is a container of information, divided in web pages, all reachable via link or QR code and all connectable to each other. A single digital solution, easily accessible from any device to communicate all the contents your guests need.

This collection of web pages is totally responsive, and its contents automatically adapt to desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


A Web App many Marketing Portals

Every page of your Web App becomes a real Marketing  Portal able to provide all detailed info your guests need in every phase of their buying journey, which can go way further the mere hotel stay.

Qualitando Web App perfectly integrates with the other  features of the system such as the Automation Email and the Wi-fi Hotspot. In this way you are certain to always address your guest to the perfect landing page.

Benefits for you
Global information in a single solution:
extend the communication with the Web App.
To each phase its Marketing Portal
and you accompany your guest in their journey.
Being it Web pages, you don’t need to download the App:
you don’t use any memory of the phone.
Selected and targeted contents
with the possibility to activate notifications.
Marketing Portals preferred by the Hotels
And your guests smile

Each Marketing Portal is made of a series of customizable boxes called card. Under the general cards – with the link to your social pages more than the invite to activate the notifications – there are those of the various services divided per sections and topics.
All Marketing Portals are linkable with each other for further per details.

Marketing Portals most used hotels, are:

  • Pre-stay Portal: with upselling and cross selling proposal and useful information before the arrival in hotel.
  • Guest Portal: with information useful for a perfect stay in hotel, from the dining times to the security measures in hotel, from what to see to the spa services.
  • Restaurant Portal: with the menu, the possibility to order in advance and select the take-away option, with info about the allergens, with storytelling boxes of your kitchen team and the raw materials.
  • Spa & Wellness Centre Portal: with all the treatments and the list of the offered services.
  • Theme-meeting Portal: each meeting or business meeting can have their own specific dedicated portal.
  • Theme-Events Portals: each celebration, a first communion, a wedding, or a birthday, can have a dedicated portal which access is reserved to just the invited guests.
  • Post-stay Portal: a template for the sale of gift vouchers, gift-treatments, buying beauty products or food and wine.
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