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Gather each fundamental elemente of your business in one only clever and digital solution offering exactly the answers that your clients want in the specific moment.

Facilitate the relationship with whom is sitting at your table thanks to Qualitando Web App: a great  incubator of web pages about your restaurant, all reacheable via link or QR code and connectable with each other.

The magic recipe? A responsive setting, to make each content easily accessible from every device.


Profiled Marketing Portals

Each page of your Web App is a specific Marketing Portal capable of carefully accompanying your customers and solving their needs at any time.
Each page of your Web App is a specific Marketing Portal capable of Perfectly integrated with the other features of the Qualiando system such as Automation Mail and Wi-Fi Hotspot, the Web App offers the perfect landing page for each link on your online communication.

Benefits for you
Global information in one single solution.
extend the communication with the Web App.
To each phase its Marketing Portal
and you accompany your clients in their journey.
You don’t download the App, it’s Web pages:
you don’t use any memory of the device.
Selected and targeted contents
with the possibility to activate notifications.
The Marketing Portals preferred by Restaurants
And your client is happy

Each Marketing Portal is completely customizable with the palette of your website and by inserting specific boxes of contents called card. In addition to the general cards – with either the link to your social pages or an invitation to activate notifications – there are in-depth ones divided by topics.
All Marketing Portals can be linked together to better connect all information.

The Marketing Portals  most used by Restaurants are:

  • Menu Portal: personalizzabile con le proposte del giorno, uno storytelling approfondito sulla cucina e il tuo staff, sulle materie prime e sulla ricerca dei tuoi piatti.
  • Event Calendar Portal: dove presenti occasioni speciali che si terranno nel tuo ristorante.
  • Window Portal: per la vendita diretta dei tuoi prodotti food&beverage.
  • Take away management Portal: to offer the take away option to your clients.
  • Themed meeting Portal: each business lunch o event can have their own portal – which access is reserved to just the participants.
  • Themed events Portal: every bachelorette / bachelorette party, wedding or birthday can have a specific portal – access to which is reserved for invited guests.
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